Yugawara Onsen (Hot Springs) is a hot-spring resort which is conveniently located about 100 kilometers away from Tokyo.

  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko
  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko
  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko

Around the inns and hotels there are forest parks, art museums, temples and other establishments, and you can enjoy strolling during your stay in Yugawara.
Please do stay at our hotel in Yugawara Onsen when you visit Japan.

  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko
  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko
  • Yugawara Ryokan Toyoko

Hot spring (Onsen)温泉

Hot spring (Onsen)

You can enjoy taking an hot spring bath in our large bathrooms or open-air baths with hot spring water welling from inside this hotel’s grounds.
You can use a private hot spring bath attached to the guestroom, too.
One of this hotel’s features is the satisfying hot spring facilities.
Please enjoy, to your heart’s content, our onsen bath with water that is friendly to the skin.



We serve Japanese dishes with a focus on fishes and shellfishes which are unique to the hot spring resort located close to the sea.
We also have set menus of sashimi, tempura and wagyu (Japanese beef) steaks, which are popular among overseas guests.
To those guests who prefer to enjoy eating out instead of having dinner in our hotel, we give some tips about the restaurants around our hotel.



All the guestrooms with a fine view of the mountains are Japanese-style tatami rooms in which guests use bedding called “futon” when they sleep.
Standard Japanese-style rooms, as well as special rooms with open-air onsen baths, are available. Please select the style of room in accordance with your needs, to make the most of your stay.


Our hotel has various facilities that will make your trip enjoyable.
They will surely help you create many pleasant memories.


Let us introduce various services our hotel can provide, such as massage and esthetic treatments that will relieve your fatigue from travel.

Thai traditional massageタイ式マッサージ


How about getting a Japanese-style, whole body massage after taking an onsen bath?

Facial massageフェイシャルエステ

Getting a facial with onsen water is a popular esthetic treatment.

How to get here道案内

It is about four kilometers from Yugawara Station.
Our hotel can be reached by going up a gentle slope.
It is true that it is within walking distance, but we recommend taking the route bus or a taxi.
If you use the route bus, we will come to the nearest bus stop to meet you, so please phone us at “Ochiaibashi” bus stop.


How to access
from Yugawara Station to the hotel

In the case of taxi

By taxi

It takes about eight minutes from Yugawara Station, and costs about 1,320 JPY.

In the case of bus

By bus

Get on at Bus Stop No. 2. After about a 10-minute ride, get off at “Ochiaibashi” bus stop.
The fare is 210 JPY.
If you phone us from Ochiaibashi, we will come to pick you up.